About Us

About Works for Grace

WorksforGrace.com is a website that spotlights people, and organizations around the world, that add value to the life of the world by contributing their time, and effort in some charitable way to touch people in need of grace.

At Works for Grace, we want to be a pebble that is thrown in the pond that starts a tiny ripple of attention for the organizations, blogger, and everyday people that give of themselves and help people remember that the Grace of God is a real thing.

Though we are not a charity, we pledge 50% of proceeds from products, and advertising and all proceeds from donations will be sent to one of the Selfless Super Humans featured on our website quarterly.

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What We Do in a Nutshell

We find a charity, non-profit, blogger, everyday angel, or regular human being doing something selfless to help others in such a manner that moves us. We try to show the world that one person doing something so small can make a difference to the life of the world.

We find organizations, companies or individuals doing something so big that we are moved to shout about it and talk about it on our website.

We want to be the ones who toot the horns of the people too giving and driven by Grace to do it for themselves.

We want to be that extra vehicle that helps send even one person to their website.

We also take suggestions from you, so if you have one of these Selfless Super Humans that you want us to say something about, please let use know.

“We spread the word about works of grace done by our fellow selfless human beings that remind people on earth that the Grace of God exists.”