Become a Grace Worker

Become a Grace Worker

Who is a Grace Worker?

A Grace Worker is a member of the Works for Grace Social Media Squad. We are the ones who get on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c. to help share information about the works of grace performed by selfless people all over the world.

Grace Workers are the people willing to do a little something every day to share a great story of grace with rest of the world.

Become a Grace Worker today, follow @WorksforGrace on Twitter and we will send out a #GraceWorkerAPB (all points bulletin) whenever we have a featured Selfless Super Human.

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We share the news about these selfless people around the world via social media. We want the world to know that how these people are helping add value to the life of the world.

Grace Workers use social media to spread positivity and maybe touch one person with grace, so we can say we have done something today to help make the world a better, happier, and glorious place.

We are looking for social influencers to help us spread the word about the Works of Grace done by our featured Selfless Super Human.

Become a Grace Worker today, follow @WorksforGrace on Twitter and we will send out a #GraceWorkerAPB (all points bulletin) whenever we have a featured Selfless Super Human.

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What does Grace Mean to You?

What does Grace mean to you?
What does Grace mean to me? Grace is when something happens in your life, and the only way you can make sense of it is to know that God has sent you a custom-made answer to your prayers.

That is what the Grace of God means to me. It doesn’t end there, however, when you finally see what Grace is in your life, you start to see the Grace of God in everything, from your first breath in the morning, to the glorious beauty of the sky. There is Grace in everything if you take a minute to observe it and give thanks.Read More

Works for Grace

A Note from is shedding a little more light on the people that do works of grace around the world. We spotlight people and organizations around the world that add value to the life of the world by contributing their time and effort in some charitable way to touch people in need of grace.

We spread the word about Works of Grace done by our fellow selfless human beings that remind people on earth that the Grace of God exists.

At Works for Grace, we want to be a pebble that is thrown in the pond that starts even a tiny ripple of attention for the organizations, blogger, everyday people that are giving of themselves to help people remember that the Grace of God is a real thing.

Though we are not a charity, we pledge 50% of proceeds from products and advertising and all proceeds from donations will be sent to one of the Grace Workers featured on our website quarterly.

There is so much more to come from Works for Grace, and we hope you will stick around for the good feelings and awesome energy we will be spreading around the world as #graceworkers.

As always we ask you to join and become at #graceworker by following us on @WorksforGrace, and help us spread good news around the world with one tweet, one pin, one share, and one Instagram photo. You don’t even have to get out of bed to make a difference.

We appreciate your time and energy, and we thank you so much for stopping by.