What does Grace Mean to You?

What does Grace mean to you?
What does Grace mean to me? Grace is when something happens in your life, and the only way you can make sense of it is to know that God has sent you a custom-made answer to your prayers.

That is what the Grace of God means to me. It doesn’t end there, however, when you finally see what Grace is in your life, you start to see the Grace of God in everything, from your first breath in the morning, to the glorious beauty of the sky. There is Grace in everything if you take a minute to observe it and give thanks.

After several life-changing and life-affirming works of Grace showed up in my life, I found myself needing to understand what Grace was and how I as a lowly human being could think I was capable of doing works for grace. I was reminded by a few images on Twitter that Grace means many things to many people, so I picked the ones that worked for me and voila, I was back on my path to living with grace.

What does Grace mean to you?

Grace Defined:

  • The exercise of love, kindness or God’s will, deposition to benefit or serve another.
  • The state of having received favor.
  • A favor rendered by one who need not do so.
  • A disposition to be generous or helpful.

I want to add a little grace to the life of the world.

In an effort to give something back a fraction of the Grace I have received, I created Works for Grace, a platform to showcase people, and organizations around the world that help people experience the Grace of God in their lives. I want to shout about people who start non-profit organizations because they felt they needed to do something to add value to the life of the world. I want to let people know that there are people who get up every day and decide that today is the day they are going to make a difference, and then they get up and do something.

We have people who have created the most innovative things out of recycled trash and turned lights on the lives of people in the most impoverished parts of the world. I know a woman who couldn’t take it anymore after 276 girls were kidnapped in Africa and she decided it was time to hold our governments accountable for what goes on in their countries as she created her non-profit organization in a week. I was in San Francisco the day the Batkid came to rescue all of us and spread so much joy and grace as the world stood in astonishment at what a city would do to grant a kid a wish. Oh the Grace of God is in all of us, we just have to remember to pull it out and dust it off occasionally and see how much value we can add to the life of the world.

This is what Grace means to me, and if I can do anything to showcase the heroes that champion works of grace sanctioned by God, then I have shared my grace with the world.

What does Grace mean to you?

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